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As you all might know, Angie is taking some time off stopping her music career in Japan in September 2014 so she can start studying music in the US. Until then, MKI will keep sharing all the news like we've always done, and after she starts her hiatus MKI will remain open: website, forums, Facebook page and Twitter profile. If there are any news from her we'll share them, being a source of information about Angela Aki even if her music career stops for a while. That's why I ask you to keep supporting MKI and visiting this community to get all the news about Angie, and don't hesitate to check all the information this website has to offer because you'll probably find here anything you might be looking for when it comes to Angie and her music. Besides, I encourage you to join our Facebook open group, where many Angela Aki fans talk about her music and much more!

We're also going to carry out one last project to support Angie, so she'll get all of our love now that she's starting a new stage in her life. We'll make a new videoletter, like the one we sent to her a few years ago. That's why, before writing a text and splitting it into parts, we need to know how many people want to take part in this project.
It'll be really easy, all you have to do is shoot a video about 30 seconds long, following a few easy steps we'll reveal as soon as we know how many people are in. So if you want to be part of our last present for Angela don't hesitate and join this special letter, it'll be beautiful and she'll always remember!
To be part of it just send an e-mail to or with your name, e-mail, and country you live in. Sending this message means you're willing to record this video, so please, send the e-mail only if you'll actually record the video! If you know other Angela Aki or Japanese music fans you can also tell them about this so it'll be a big project! In fact you can even record your video with friends, family or pets, so the more original it gets the more Angie will like it!
Please, take part in this project!

Thank you so much for all your support, and I hope you'll keep being part of the MKI community for a long time!

Here you have the first videoletter we made, please enjoy it!

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