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Angela Aki just announced today that she will start an indefinite hiatus on autumn 2014, stopping her activities in Japan in order to move to USA and study in a music school.

"To everyone, I have something to announce, it's a little long but I want to write my true feelings.

Starting from autumn 2014, I'm going to start studying in a College of Music in the USA. All my family, my husband and my son, will come with me, and after a tour in Japan that will start in spring I'll go on an indefinite hiatus.

Next year I'll be 37 years old. When I was 18 I studied in Washington DC, but instead of music I studied international politics. Now, with the project of making my first musical and hoping that it'll be a success, I'd like to keep improving so this decision was necessary. I'm so sad about stopping my music career in Japan, but I feel like this is my last chance. To make my dreams come true I'll have to live a few years in a different place and focus on studying. I'll become a freshman being 37!

I started my career in 2004. It's been almost 10 years, and it's been an amazing experience the fact that my music has reached so many people. Being able to become the first person to ever make a piano solo in Nippon Budokan or singing with a children choir. I'll be far from Japan for a while, but of course I'll keep on making songs, singing, and reaching out to all of you. In a near future I'll come back stronger without a doubt.

Just like I said in my first Budokan performance in 2006, in the middle of "Sakurairo":

'Keep on dreaming, all your life.' "

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