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*Catalog Number

*ESCL-3518~3519 (Limited)
*ESCL-3520 (Regular)


*Only CD
*Limited Edition with DVD

*Commercial singles

*愛の季節–Ai no Kisetsu
*輝く人–Kagayaku Hito

*Promotional singles

*Every Woman's Song

*CD Tracklist

1. 愛の季節–Ai no Kisetsu
2. 輝く人–Kagayaku Hito
3. Every Woman's Song
4. サイン–Sign
5. Remember Me
6. Unbreakable
7. What Are The Roses For?
8. 愛と絆創膏–Ai to Bansoukou
9. Mad Scientist
10. The Truth Is Like a Lie
11. Bop Bop Bop (Colors of Your Soul)
12. 母なる大地 –Haha Naru Daichi
13. LIFE


*DVD Tracklist

2. Kokoro no Senshi PV
3. Kiss Me Good-Bye PV
4. This Love PV
5. Sakurairo PV
6. Kodoku no Kakera PV
7. Tashika ni PV
8. Again PV
9. Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~ PV
10. Ai no Kisetsu PV
11. Kagayaku Hito PV



*Oricon Daily Singles Chart: #5
*Sales of first day: unknow
*Oricon Weekly Singles Chart: #5
*Sales of first week: 25.370 copies sold
*Oricon Monthly Singles Chart: #12
*Sales of first month: 37.838 copies sold
*Oricon Yearly Singles Chart 2010: -
*Total sales: 44.505 copies sold
*Chart Run: 6 weeks


*Tie Up

* Theme song for NHK morning dorama (asadora) Tsubasa. (Ai no Kisetsu)
* Theme song for NHK program “Kokoro no Idenshi”. (Kagayaku Hito)
* CM of Nissay campaign "Mirai Support" . (LIFE)