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Reported by illeot on 02 Feb 2017

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 02/02/2017.

"I suddenly saw my son sitting in a Japanese way. Neither my husband nor I sit liike that at home. We didn't teach him and I don't think he could have learned it any other way. So he spontaneously sat like that, he obviously has a Japanese DNA."

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Reported by illeot on 25 Jan 2017

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter)update 24/01/2017.

"Happy new year, everyone! I'm really late, but I hope 2017 brings both happiness and health to everybody.

About me, my days end in the blink of an eye between working in my musical and being a mom. No plans to finish the musical until this summer, so every day feels like I either win or lose. I'll do my best with no regrets! This time I've also got some request for songs from Japan, so while working on them I sang a lot in Japanese, which I hadn't done in a while. Honestly, I'd like to perform live even if it was tomorrow *laughs*

Someday, for sure!

Take care of this cold weather!

Since I'm so busy lately, I can't even user a hairdryer so I end up hanging my hair wet until it feels kinda painful, and that's how I write to you all now."

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Reported by illeot on 26 Dec 2016

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 26/12/2016.

"Everyone, merry Christmas from Nashville! Today there was a new high temperature record set after 127 years. During the day we reached 24º. So I went in light clothes to have fun at a nearby park, and at night we opened the windows at a Christmas party at home!

Actually some days ago we reached -7º, I couldn't believe it... (That day I felt so down I even took a screenshot *laughs*) From -7º to 24º, such a difference. It's just like in live, you never know in which days something will happen. Good things might end any time, so I must be thankful for all the happy moments!"

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Reported by illeot on 13 Dec 2016

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 12/12/2016.

"I'm alive! *laughs* Sorry I didnt' update this recently. After getting so many "Angie, are you okay? is everything okay?" I realized people seemed to be worried about me. I've been really into work these past few months. I also had some meetings to improve my music life, and I say "now I feel more fulfilled!", but the truth is that producing music while raising a kid and managing a house is really tough. However, when I think that you'll get to listen to all the works I produce, my heart skips a beat! (My son skips a beat around the house too).

From now on I'll try to upload stuff more often! Sorry that I kept you worried.
Ah by the way, I've been in Nashville for a while! *evil laughs*"

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Reported by illeot on 31 Aug 2016

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 31/08/2016.

"After stopping my activities in Japan getting a fresh new start far away in Los Angeles, studying in college in order to make my dream come true, and receiving support from friends in this land I didn't know quite well, I've just said farewell to the apartment I've lived in for the past 2 years.

Well, a new adventure starts from this week!"

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